Sunday, October 18, 2009

Moving forward...

We are making the final push to release our new record, to be entitled "Death of Urgency." It will be released on vinyl by our friend Chris's Death of a Modernist label. The heralded Catalyst records will be putting out the CD version. We are extremely anxious to get this out and get things rolling again after a few months of limited activity. The band is happy with what we've put together and hope that you can all get something from it. Expect to see this record available for purchase sometime early this winter. After a record release show somewhere in Southern California and some additional hometown shows to get back in the swing of things, we will tour to our fullest ability (though that may be limited for a few months). The following areas should look out for some Abandon shows in the next year: West coast, East coast, and maybe Europe or Japan.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us and will continue to support us. We will try our best to return the favor however we can.

With life in every breath,

xandyx and abandon.


---- said...

majorly stoked!

MIKE C said...

i've been listening to your demo non stop since i downloaded it. when's the record for sure coming out? by the way, emma goldman's great. i'd love to trade articles. i don't use blogspot or myspace, so is there another way to communicate with all of you? i just created this account to post this. i may start using it though.also come to chicago. i don't book shows, but i'd do what ever to help.